Build Your Shelving

Walk through the QC Storage Shelving Unit Customization Process with us, and then call us for a no-obligation free quote and evaluation.  To download this information as a PDF brochure, click here: Plan Your Wire Shelving

Customized shelving can increase your medical workplace storage area by 30-50%!

See what a difference customized storage solutions can make!

Step 1: Pick the Proper Finish

  • Chrome Finish is perfect for standard storage needs in ambient temperature areas where humidity, the need for refrigeration, exposure to outdoor elements, and high temp water exposure are not factors.
  • Duraseal Finish is the standard for storage applications that include exposure to outdoor elements (humidity), as well as specialized areas such as dietary, lab, and pharmacy, and areas that require refrigeration.
  • Stainless Steel Finish is necessary when the shelving or carts will be exposed to high temperature cart washers.  Stainless Steel shelves can be either Solid or Open Wire shelves, however, both can also be put together into a single unit.
  • Galvanized Finish is used only on solid shelves, however, galvanized solid shelves can be put together with open wire shelves in a different finish to create a single unit.

Step 2: Determine the Proper Base

  •  Stationary is the standard, stand-alone shelf base with leveling bolts at the bottom of four poles.
  • Casters are appropriate for nominal movement of shelf units or carts within a facility.  Standard configuration on casters includes two 5″ locking casters and two 5″ swivel casters.
  • A Dolly Base is a rigid frame on casters, utilized on larger carts and shelving units, making it possible to transport the unit over long distances, or regular and repeated transport over elevator thresholds.
  • Seismic Anchorage may be specified.  This may include OSHPD-approved seismic floor mounts for all four posts of any shelving unit.
  • Track (High Density) storage with shelving on skates or carriages can be utilized where maximum storage capacity is desired.

Step 3: Determine the Proper Size for Your Shelves

  • Depth (front to back)

build your shelf depth

  • Width (side to side)build your shelf width
  • Baskets are available in 18″ and 24″ depths (not available in 42″ or 72″ depths)
  • build your shelf basketsMix-and-match baskets with flat shelves for a better fit for your bulky, hard-to-contain products that always wind up falling on the floor!

build your shelf mix and match baskets and flat

Step 4: Choose Your Accessories

Choose from the accessories below, or any of the ones on our Wire Shelf Accessories Page.  Click any photo to enlarge.

build your shelf accessories 1 build your shelf accessories 2

Step 5: Finalize Your Options

build your shelf finalize your options 1 build your shelf finalize your options 2

build your shelf finalize your options 3 build your shelf finalize your options 4 build your shelf finalize your options 5 build your shelf finalize your options 6 build your shelf finalize your options 7