Wire Shelf Accessories

When time is of the essence, you must be able to find what you need in the blink of an eye.

QC carries a wide variety of shelf dividers, liners,  labels, and label holders that will ensure immediate retrieval of all your crucial supplies.

But that’s not all!  Our sliders, baskets, coat racks, shelves and many other options create personally optimized organization.

Wire Basket Label Holders

(clockwise) Utility Handle, Foot Plate, Shelf Clips, Wall Mount

Slanted, Wire, and Solid Shelves

Adjustable Bulk Shelving

Baskets and Basket/Shelf Combinations

Shelf Dividers and Basket Dividers

Shelf Covers

Casters with and without brakes

Three-Sided Frames


Wire Pallet Rack

(clockwise) Push Handle, S Hook, Post Plug and Leveling Foot, Document Holder

Wire Track, Wire Track Skate, and Post Clamp

Hanging Coatracks

Hanging Sliders

Duro-Seal vs. Chrome


3 Position Label Holder


Left: Basket Shelf Shown with Dividers | Right: Wire Shelf Shown with Dividers

Side/Back Enclosures

Snap and Release Label Holders

Wire Shelf Shown with Back and Side Ledges