QC Storage

Planning & Design

DESIGN your storage space to FIT YOUR INVENTORY and still use all your existing shelving!

Over 70% of healthcare inventory items do not fit well on flat shelves.  Gain a minimum of 30% additional storage space in your current area with shelving that FITS your inventory and completely eliminates dirty plastic bins.

We make it easy for you and your staff throughout the process.

No charge to assess, design, and quote your storage areas. We inventory your existing storage shelving for re-use. Our full CAD design department can work with your contractor, planner, and architect. We provide detailed images of all products quoted (no guesswork as to what you’re potentially buying).

We offer the widest variety of storage options in the industry.  We CAN fit your inventory! We provide you multiple design options for each area.  You and your staff can view options and select the design you prefer, not what is dictated to you by a salesman.

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